Colours, Aromas and Crystals…

Music therapy and colour therapy have very ancient origins. Traditional medicines, especially the eastern one, have always given great importance to the vital energy. They considered the harmonic balance to be vital for our good health thus every little alteration and obstacle all the way along the path could cause in the end a disease. They thought as absolutely essential sounds and colour s for restoring energy balance and for the removal of "blocks" in the harmonious flow of energy.

It can be argued that it's about millenary techniques: primitive man walked up to the sound and colour already 10000 years BC, as the famous yellow ocarina witnesses (colour in no way random, as we are seeing!), which was found still with such colouring and with five holes to emit different sounds. It is one of the significant evidence about the importance of the objects colour and musical activity.

More evidences regarding the use of sounds and colour s are represented by the discovery of Paleolithic coloured musical instruments.

Some hieroglyphics also show drums referring to the 3rd millennium BC and many researchers agree in establishing that the therapeutic use of sounds and colour s might even be datable to about 30.000 years ago.

But let's take a step back in time and space, to better understand some aspects. In Egypt, the use of sounds and colour s for therapeutic purposes reached its peak. In this culture, where the religious sanctity was not separated from the holiness of medical care, doctors-priests were used to lead personally patients on trails which, because of their topographical location, had peculiar features concerning magnetism and solar exposure.

The temples of sunlight were sacred places where music therapy, colour therapy and meditation were practiced in order to restore the harmonious psycho-energy balancing. Like for the pyramids, temples, especially the temples of sunlight arose in specific geographical areas. The location of the place where such facilities were to be built was entrusted to individuals capable of seeking, in the subsoil, the so-called natural strength points, which could emit positive energy to the physical and mental wellbeing. The Pharaohs dedicated a lot of time listening to nature sounds and compositions of their musicians, for relax and body care as well as to attract positive energy, through the "sound enlightenment", in important decisions. Always in Egypt, noblewomen were very careful to be dressed with the colour s appropriate to further conception and also to prolong the lactation and had learned the use of colour on the eyelids and lips, for care purposes, to ensure healthy sight and oral cavity.

Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan codified the importance of sounds and colour s healing, by handing down to posterity a lot of manuscripts from where we can learn the techniques and methods of carrying out their therapies: meditation is mixed very often to listen to the music and to the display of colour s, in so charming and more timely way than ever, from the performing point of view. The Chinese, for example, relied on his physical well-being to the action of various colour s, indicating the yellow to restore bowel function, the purple to quell an epileptic seizure and the red to induce fearlessness. Chinese doctors also used to fix to the windows of the patients rooms some drapery by a colour appropriate to the type of disease; they also provided to prescribe to their patients both to wear appropriate colour ed clothing in order to get the fastest healing, and to intake colour ed fluid depending on the pathology presented: green vegetables in inflammatory disorders, yellow food for intestinal diseases and red food in order to induce strength and heal the sadness and melancholy.

Towards the 2690 B.C., the Emperor Huang Ti, instructed his Prime Minister to build an instrument capable of catching the harmony of nature so as to be helpful in giving tranquillity and well-being to their subjects.

They built a series of bamboo canes of different lengths and filled with millet seeds, in different quantities, until they got a musical instrument able to utter notes of different heights. And this was an experiment like many others, since in the celestial book of medicine called Nei Ching was codified the original structure of the pentatonic scale, by making match the five tones to the five fundamental elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Wood and Metal. In this case, the interaction energy-element and, more specifically, sound-element had been founded on the law of the universal yin and yang polarity. Afterwards, 12 sounds were encoded corresponding to the main meridians where the man is divided in, to facilitate, from the application point of view, the achievement or far better the maintenance of health, through the harmonious balance of life energy, whose flux was regulated through these 12 sounds.

During human history there have been really a great deal of philosophers, scientists, researchers who have intended to point out how light, with its colours, represents an important element in health, resulting even the responsible of the human life itself.

Similarly, the story is very rich of documents that highlight the sacredness of music and that help understanding how important were the energy produced by sounds in the main ancient Eastern and Western culture. Therefore to treat in great detail the history of music therapy and colour therapy would mean to write pages and pages, so by now we are guiding the reader to understand some of the science assumptions which show how the use of sounds and colour s is successful to human wellbeing.

The ear and the eye are not to be regarded as the only two organs stimulated by music and light. The skin, in fact, represents a fundamental organ of communication that our body has and is also a very important element for the reactions caused when it is stimulated by energy sources. It is also a "mirror" of our emotions and inner conflicts. Not surprisingly it becomes “red” when you are embarrassed, "white" when there is fear. In fact, in embryogenesis (the process from only two cells, the egg and the sperm, leading to the formation of the embryo and fetus during gestation) brain and skin coating found a common origin, coming from the same "embryogenetic coat", which will specialize in cerebral material and in skin and tegument tissue.

This let us understand how many skin disorders find their origin not in local lesions, but in psychological discomforts and how their care should be geared as much as possible to the original cause.

Light and sounds enter the body also through our skin and it is precisely in our natural ability to not reflect light and sound waves that lies the opportunity to enjoy the beneficial effects of sounds and colours. The blind, for example, absorb light energy from their skin and the deaf are able to absorb the energies of music creating an intimate contact between their hands or some other parts of the body and the loudspeaker spreading the music. The conditions of music therapy and colour therapy are based precisely on the ability of human beings to absorb sound and colour.

Further condition of scientific nature of the matter is offered to us by major scientific studies, which have shown that the cells that make up our bodies are constantly moving, or rather in dynamic oscillation, and that this constant motion produces light energy on the one hand, and, on the other hand, a simple form of musicality. This leads us to state that, within ourselves, we are light and music, even before receiving the light energy and the sound from the outside.

The theory of the ultra-feeble luminescence has been demonstrated for all living organisms and, from early experiments performed on beans, which documented the emission of light energy, many other publications have shown that the entire body of living organisms is surrounded by an aura that is an "electromagnetic coat". It can then easily understand how our body with its cells is able not only to issue, but also to receive wavelengths produced by the light and colour s of the spectrum. And it can be easily inferred how a standard brightness optimal, corresponding to a good health condition, equals a sophisticated balance of energy produced by different colours, which are living matter and are part of the environment, air, nourishment, the tactile contact with which every organism is in touch. The various wavelengths produced by colour s therefore can contribute to the organization of optimal energy level.

Colour therapy by using specific colours for every single person (according to his deepest features), can foster the energy balancing needed to achieve wellbeing.

In the light colours are found and these are their closest components and also related to the light that generated them. We can therefore say that light and colour are all one, as without light colour could not exist and therefore, as constituent parts of the light, colours are at the very basis of life and they can be defined to be expressions of life entirety. Considering the theory of ultra-feeble bioluminescence for all living organisms and knowing that the light has characteristics of waves and of particles, many researchers plan to study the ways in which light and colours could also provide the transmission of biological information. To name one, the biochemist Albert Gyorgy, Nobel Prize in 1937, found that the production of different enzymes and hormones is stimulated by the colours and that is to say that the use of colours that are naturally present in food, minerals, organic constituents, plants, flowers, but also in the tissues, in pigments, in furniture, in clothes, in the lenses, etc., can constitute a medicament, going to activate, even selectively, certain hormonal and enzymatic chemical components that may result in deficit and, therefore, cause of ailments and diseases. Other studies, performed in the 70’s, have shown that colours can influence the molecular activity and the nervous system causing effects similar to those of laser waves.

The biologist Rupert Sheldrake, who became famous for his theory of the existence of the morphogenetic area, describes the living matter, and thus our organs and systems and all our cells, as a complex network of various vibrational hierarchies, in resonance with each other and attuned to the more influential vibrational input of a specific time. This mean that living matter in its vibration, emits "music" and to understand how the same living matter organizes itself so as to resound with "the most influent vibrational input it comes into contact." It is to ask the question about what there is of more influential of sound and colour characterizing an individual ... It can be easily understood that if the element causing the input will be sounds with music and harmony features, our living matter will tend to resound according to these characteristics, resulting in a positive energetic effect on cells, affecting therefore organs and systems and, ultimately, the entire individual. On the other hand, if the input will be represented by a noise (which we know is defined as complex sound given more or less random overlapping of different frequencies not harmonically related), our cells will tend to resound with discordant vibrational energy levels, resulting in lower natural (or physiological) harmonic life energy level leading to adverse effects on physiological functions concerning body and psyche. As we have seen, come from Chladni or Jenny the first scientific studies tending to show that the sound interacts with matter and that the various sounds have different effects on different types of matter.

Masaru Emoto, afterwards, also showed the effects of music on the water. From his studies, there is evidence of physical changes produced by the music energy on the water inside containers: the liquid tends to greater molecular motion, producing heat, useful for the increase of enzymatic reactions and oxidizing in nature. And if the music determines effects on water, it is easy to imagine what and how many changes it can determine on our organism which altogether consists of at least 70 % aqueous liquids.

There are even more exciting studies by biologists and physicians on plants: Tompkins and Bird, in their work the secret life of plants, managed to surprise the world with their tests demonstrating that plants, placed in a music surrounded environment, tended to kink on amplifiers emitting classical music, while showing a "desire" to get away, orienting their stems in the opposite direction from the amplifiers emitting rock music instead.

We do not want to bore the reader by mentioning the huge quantity of experiments, but we mean to give attention to the power that the sounds and colours owe on human beings in the whole body-psyche-spirit and simultaneously as an individual: these principles are basic to the Bioarmon ® system, which combines sounds, colours, crystals and aromas in a harmonious dance of vibrations. The combination of these simple and natural elements allows not only to relax, often associated with them, but also aims to get close, through a harmonic composition of vibrations, respectfully to the vital energy of each (making the harmonizing individual map). This also trying to activate through music, colours and forms, light stones and aromas, a sort of instinctive and natural harmony with the original code of the individual, so that he can better understand the meanings written in it and move towards the path more true to himself.

Hildegard from Bingen stated that: "with the eyes, the human being sees his path; with his nose understands it"; in fact, in Bioarmon®, aromas play a very important role. The fragrances evoke immediate attention on the sense of smell (although they may also be used otherwise) that finally is given the right importance it actually has. It is one of the keys to the awareness of a balance between the vegetable kingdom, the Animal kingdom and human kind.

Through the sense of smell, a multitude of information is swapped out. Unfortunately humans have become less and less receptive to that due to atrophy of the olfactory sense. When a plant reaches the apex of its development, flourishes and spreads her perfume in the air so as to communicate with the animal world. Insects are attracted to and make possible pollination, fruit production and hence the survival of the species. Because the pollen is food, even insects benefit. In the Animal Kingdom, the smells are the primary source of information. They are vital to the survival of the species by providing information regarding food, enemies and hazards. During the fertile period, they stimulate reproductive hormones and mating.

In humans, the smell is strongly "confused" by artificial odours to recognize intimately. He should rediscover it and remind just how refined it is. Thus the man might be able to distinguish up to 10000 different odours and remember them. The olfactory nerve is heading directly to the higher centers of the brain, while information from the other four senses must be processed in the thalamus before being sent to various areas of the brain. Although we are not yet able to understand how this happens, one of the main functions seems to link the instinctive impulses that ensure survival, which originate in the paleo-encephalic brain, to the symbolic and conceptual functions which originate in the neo-encephalic brain.

Without having to do the history of aromatherapy, which is lost in the mists of time, we give some indications allowing to understand the extraordinary importance the perfumes owe. Over time, the animal brain has kept on evolving, especially in mammals, to become highly evolved in primates and humans. The paleo-encephalic brain (primitive brain) together with hypothalamus, rules the instinctive behaviours concerning the survival and reproduction of the species. In a further stage of evolution, the mid-brain with its limbic system take life, this is considered the centre of emotional behaviour and it plays a very important role in the development of long-term memory. It conveys the association of pleasant and unpleasant experiences taking place in time and space and makes possible the development of emotions. Especially in humans, the neo-encephalic brain or cerebral cortex was the last section to evolve: this is the head where thought, speech and conscience take their origin.

Odours and smell therefore act as a link between the primitive brain with his instincts, the limbic system with memory and emotion, and the cerebral cortex, the seat of thought and then of those elements that define us as human beings. Becomes therefore understandable how using these simple and natural "tools" can promote a harmonious balance between body, mind and spirit.

As already mentioned, besides sounds, colours (and forms) and aromas, in Bioarmon® we can find the crystals suitable to each person or rather specific to its vibration. Everything existing on this earth and in the universe is vibration. Everything, even the seemingly inert, emits, like human being, radiant energy, a force that is part of his very nature and that, inevitably, interpenetrates with the surrounding context around it.

The energy (from the Greek means activity) is the common denominator of all "Pyramid Nature": emitted energy and absorbed energy (yin and yang), in a continual vital interchange. This is an age-old concept that tradition handed down since the dawn of time. The ancient people, and still today, many cultures we call "primitive" or "tribal", had sensed that the thread that ties life in all its manifestations, even in those supposedly more static and fixed, indissolubly tied a phenomenon to another one, the Unity that makes a single, continuous, perpetual manifestation. Crystals, creatures of light, beloved children of mother Earth, first ordered form to clot on our planet, are expressions and condensation of primeval archetypes.

Man's task is to separate the pure from the impure, the subtle from the thick, so that its evolution and growth could proceed in parallel and similarly to that of the elements of Nature.

So many civilizations and cultures used crystals and stones for countless purposes: from those protective and curative to initiatory and esoteric ones. History shows us that the first witnesses concerning therapeutic effects of stones and crystals were found in an Egyptian Papyrus dating back to 1600 B.C. But, without any doubt, according to this specific function they were used much earlier and at different latitudes populations: from Andean civilizations to those of Central America, from North America to Australia and then China, India, Japan, and the surrounding areas. According to what we read today on the subject, apparently there were no places and peoples where stones and crystals were not used regularly.

The most commonly used crystals were not numerous, but the priests - healers of the oldest cultures often went looking for stones not even readily available, nevertheless suitable for the individual.

Before leaving us wrap directly from crystal light and then learn the beneficial effects on each of us, let's see some uses of them in the past. Aquamarine was used mainly for making amulets worn for protection or as a good luck charm by fishermen and sailors at all latitudes, but mostly by Eskimos.

Currently, we use it primarily to "purify" the energy of the individual, increasing mental clarity and helping them to find their own creative expression; It is considered a significant physical, emotional and mental stabilizer: it helps to overcome fears and phobias, acting especially on the throat chakra, "melting" blocked energies and so emotions and repressed feelings. By the peoples of the far East, bloodstone was thought to be a stone which can increase the perception of subtle energies and increase foresight.

Fluorite instead was taken as more or less magic potion with beneficial effects on teeth and bones. And yet the Tiger eye was used as protection from negative energies, but it was believed that it was able to intervene also on eye diseases. This stone was also considered a potent stimulator of sexuality, increasing not only the woman's fertility, but also the resistance of man in sexual intercourse.

We will not push over, as we should write pages and pages to tell the uses of the past and still other pages to describe the current uses of crystals: we invite you to experience its effects on itself by those who "represent" the individual harmonic vibration dance expresses sounds, colours, scents and light stones.