Science and Music

The sound vibration has always fascinated man and sound effects on body and mind have been researched and used for thousands years.

Nowadays, the techniques used to intervene on the man with the sounds are part of that discipline that is in between science and art, called music therapy. The topic would require a space too large to be minimally shown, therefore, in this brief dissertation, it will not be treated, but it is important to know that this subject has more and more credit both in science and in medical field.

It is important to mention, among the many studies that man has made over time on the sound, those of Ernst Chladni. This Viennese Mozart contemporary physicist discovers a curious physical phenomenon: If you put metal plate onto the sand and put it into vibration by means of a bow or a proper percussion consistent figures are formed. These "sound figures" were formed from sand that moves as if it were alive and active, until the sound vibration is on.

Geometric figures change shape if you change the timbre of the instrument causing the phenomenon, and they are always dynamic moving shapes. In 1900 who continued Chladni studies was the physician and naturalist Hans Jenny. To him we owe the Kymatica, a science studying, in fact, these particular phenomena also allowing us to expand our vision on the creation and the "vibrational world". In some ways, Jenny anticipates Mandelbrot Fractals (fractal geometry), but through his experiments he connects us with the ancient past, with myths that give the creation as the result of a sound emitted by the Divine. Currently, Dr. Guy Manners keeps on researching on this innovative way.

Another important experience is the one Masaru Emoto has done by photographing with a special microscope water crystals. Developing, with a system based on microscopic photographs of various types of water from spring water to rain puddles etc. (about 10000 photos), he said he took in water a "willingness to communicate and even that it’s got the desire of becoming pure.". The stunning images of the hexagonal water crystals tend to recreate when water comes into contact with sonorous harmonies well organized (Mozart, Beethoven); on the contrary they tend to disintegrate when they come in contact with harsh and dissonant sounds.

If we consider that man is made up of 70% water, it is not difficult to draw the necessary conclusions. Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, German researcher and founder of the Institute of Biophysics in Horb, proved that the water perfectly purified from a chemical point of view, has the energy footprint of the substances with which it came in contact. Therefore, plastics, pesticides, hormonal substances leave some sort of signal, which is acknowledged by our body. This signal cannot be erased by chemical means but only through physical or energetic measures, recognizable by our body. The German Alexander Lauterwasser developed an amazing technique, capable of making visible, through water, some frequencies and sounds. The structures seeming simple at low frequencies, become more and more complex with multiple sounds and infinitely more complex if put into vibration, for example, from an orchestral piece. It was then shown that the presence of the experimenter has an influence on the experiment outcome. This shows how matter, and water in particular, suffers the influence of human thought. It is at least curious to note that the shapes generated by Jenny and by Lauterwasser, remember very closely the famous crop circles, appeared in recent years and that the author of Stonehenge Decoded, Gerard Hawkins, studying 18 photographs of this phenomenon, has found that there is a repeating pattern, equivalent to our diatonic scale.

And, continuing with oddity, we can point out the studies of the Biophysics Hulda Clark, who has created a device, the Zapper, able to destroy bacteria, viruses and parasites through specific frequencies, or experimental studies of Fabien Maman, that in the laboratory, with the help of sound frequencies distributed in melodic form, managed to destroy cancerous cells in few seconds. And yet, in USA, in Sound Health Research Institute, a technique was developed by Dr. Sharry Edwards, called BioAcoustics, able to "map" the human voice, and through the analysis of the harmonics, determine disease or predisposition to disease in the subject. The cure, then, is done with sound and appropriate colour s, capable of restoring the balance in the "map" vowel.

And what can we say about the power that some attribute to the sound, allowing the levitation of objects? In my research I became aware of some curious happenings that I want to tell.

In India, in the village of Shivapur, there is a small mosque dedicated to Sufi Saint Qamar Ali Dervish: outside in the yard there is a stone of 138 pounds weight. During daily prayer, eleven believers surround the stone by repeating the holy name: when they reach a certain level of intensity, the eleven men raise the stone using only one finger each, and when the singing stops the believers jump backwards while the stone appears to regain his weight falling onto the ground with a loud thud.

The key to make the stone liftable seems to be the chant and the eleven voices, which intervene on the molecular structure of the stone, getting it lightweight. Another evidence of levitation comes from Tibet. Swedish aviation industrialist Henry Kjellson, who in the 1930s traveled in the region of the Himalayas, came into contact with the monks who were building a temple on a 400-metre high cliff, and were able to literally fly these stones of more than one square meter, to the top of the mountain.

The ritual to activate this power was complex and required several wind musical instruments and percussions, as well as 200 monks settled in semicircle. Some years later, in 1939, a friend of Kjellson, a Swedish doctor named Jarl, was summoned in Tibet to cure a Big Lama in that same region. While he was in that place he was allowed to make two movies of this ritual of levitation. On coming back, the Oxford Scientific Society, for which the doctor worked, seized the movies being declared, for obscure reasons, not disclosable. Up to today deepest researches are ongoing to the purpose of putting unearth these important evidences.