What is BioArmon

BioArmon is the "instrument" that using music, breathing, shapes, colours, aromas and crystals in a harmonious and focused way, is able to change the state of emotional and physical being, in order to bring us, simply and naturally, in tune with our most intimate essence.

The personal note, also called the personal tonic is the sound characterizing every human being, making it unique and unrepeatable. This frequency gets steady after puberty and keeps constant in life time. The basic sound, identified by the Bioarmon operator in about thirty minutes, by means of specific equipment, combined with matching colour s, crystals and aromas in perfect energetic empathy, lets locate a vibrational "map" that, properly interpreted, tells the subject the way to find greater serenity and a more authentic realization of itself in the path of life.

The data highlighted in the vibrational map allow us to produce a unique DVD, fitting the specific features of each person. By joining the guided breathing, the "archetype" shape, the music staff, the basic colour, crystals and aromas related, a synesthetic powerful effect is generated. Through an experience lasting 15 minutes, repeatable every day, each one shall "re-tune" with himself in order to achieve a more balanced and joyful condition